Loyola College In Maryland

Dr. Roger D. Eastman

Donnelly Science 125E 
Department of Computer Science
Loyola College in Maryland 
4501 North Charles St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Phone: 410-617-2281 
FAX: 410-617-2157 
EMail: reastman at loyola.edu


I'm a Professor of computer science at Loyola College in Maryland, a comprehensive university with about 3000 undergraduates and a similar number of graduate students. My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics (BA University of Missouri 1980) and my graduate degrees are in Computer Science (MS 1986 and PhD 1990, both University of Maryland-College Park with Larry Davis as advisor).

Where do I come from? “ I come from a country that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I'm from Missouri. You've got to show me. ” Congressman Willard D. Vandiver, 1899


My teaching focuses on introductory programming (CS1 and CS2), introduction to computer science (CS0), and computer imaging courses (three-dimensional graphics, user interface design and image processing).

Research Interests

Since Loyola has no PhD program, faculty do their research with undergraduates. I've been fortunate to have some excellent students to work with over the years. They have gone to graduate work at University of Maryland-College Park, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins.

My research has focused on image registration, which is the alignment of digital images taken in various applications. In the past few years the application has been to Earth satellite imagery supported by research grants from NASA, but as of 2006 there is a new line of research in collaboration with a group at NIST into 3D imaging sensors and their applications in manufacturing and mobile robotics.

With my colleagues at NASA, we've completed a book on image registration for remote satellite sensing applications. The book will come out this October from Cambridge Press. See the link below.

With my colleagues at NIST, we've started research programs on advanced sensors for manufacturing robotics, funded by NIST internal programs.

Recent Publications

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